Review: 'Shadow'

As Shadow begins, we're intr

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Review: 'Prey'

The new import from IFC On Demand is ca

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'The Sacrifice' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.10

Damon and Stefan meet with Bonnie and Jeremy to devise a plan. If they can get the moonstone, they can destroy the spell that binds werewolves and vampires. They need Bonnie to unseal Katherine's tomb long enough for one of them to get in, get the moonstone, and get out.
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'In the Beginning' - 'Dexter' Episode 5.10

Dexter is preparing for the worst. He sends Harrison with Sonia to Orlando, and moves Lumen into his apartment. They start by speaking to Emily, the first victim. She claims not to know the men, but her face shows fear when Lumen shows her the old photo of the barrel club.
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'Wildfire' - 'The Walking Dead' Episode 1.5

The group is picking up the pieces from last night's zombie invasion. Andrea is mourning Amy deeply. The rest of the camp is worried because they can't pull Andrea away from the corpse long enough to brain her. Andrea stays with her sister until she starts to come back from the dead, then shoots her.
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