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Denver High... No... Low


After our annoying visit to Georgia, it was off to Denver. I was excited because Colorado was one of only ten states that I hadn’t visited. We were doing another haunted house, which was getting a bit monotonous, but the fact that it was in a new state added to the excitement… for me at least. We checked into a nice hotel, had dinner and relaxed. We had the next day off until the late evening, which was a comforting thought. 

The next day I worked out, went and got a haircut, caught a movie and got some lunch. Things were going pretty well and I was looking forward to another haunted house that night, although things turned a bit ugly for Kane and I on the drive to the event. For the first time ever… we got into a fight. 

While I had it planned for almost a year, Kane did not like the idea of me leaving the tour to go home for my cousins wedding. I was set to leave the tour the day after the Denver appearance while Kane went on to Arizona to do a signing on his own. While he knew of this plan from day one, he suddenly found it… less than ideal. In the car, he suddenly game me a lecture about how I should be at the event, it was “our” book and I needed to be there. My family should understand why I couldn’t make it home. 

I have a very, very mild temper, nothing ever makes me mad… but for some reason, whether it be the several weeks of never being apart or just being tired of traveling, I actually argued back (not yelling mind you, but arguing, which is still big for me). I was nervous to be arguing with a man who could or would snap my neck for fun, or possibly crash the car just to hurt me and get a good laugh (with him walking away without a scratch), regardless, I stood my ground and fought back. I don’t recall much of our argument, except for the fact that we left off like an angry old couple, not talking to each other leaving for an uncomfortably silent ride. 

After the appearance, I spent the night in my hotel room, on the phone with my family and looking online, to see if I could change my flight and stay on the tour, IF I really wanted to. I was torn. Part of me didn’t want to leave the tour at all, especially to go to a wedding (though only because I hate dressing up and the inconvenience of leaving), but the other part of me wanted to go to the wedding, just to spite Kane. I was conflicted to say the least. 

With blessings from my family, who had a mixed opinion on missing the wedding, half taking Kane’s side to stay, the other saying you don’t miss family events, I made my decision. While part of me wants to think it was my own choice, a small part of me thinks it was the small voice in the back of my head saying “a machete really, really hurts”, that made me pick what to do. I was not going to leave the tour. Late that night, with a big sigh, I clicked the buttons to switch my flight going home, to Arizona. Part of me was excited to tell Kane I would stay, while the other part of me was mad that I caved in. 

When I told Kane my decision, it was a good thing. He ended up respecting me for caring about the book and business more than a wedding. And really, part of me felt really good that Kane did not want me to leave. It showed me that I wasn’t just some guy that wrote his book. He actually wanted me to be with him, and felt that I was part of hisbook as well. I guess I was too into the argument to realize he was saying, “It’s our book”. This realization and seeing that Kane was happy with my decision, made me realize I was doing the right thing. 

In the end, I had a huge stroke of luck. Massachusetts got a freak snow storm the day of my cousins wedding… in October, practically unheard of. It was so harsh, heavy and such a large amount, some people couldn’t make the drive to the wedding, the reception lost power, people got trapped in an elevator for hours, they had to eat by candle light and people got stuck on the side of the road going home.  The entire region was devastated by broken branches and damage caused by the apocalyptic storm that dumped more than 2 feet of snow. Worst of all, the flight I was going to take and all other flights were cancelled. I would have been stuck at an airport for days. Instead, I was sitting in a hot tub at an amazing resort in the mountains of Phoenix, getting ready for another book signing. As my wife texted me pictures of the damage and complained of the loss of electricity and no heat, I squinted through my sunglasses, took a sip of my Diet Coke and smiled in the warmth of the hot tub. For a quick second I wondered if Kane called one of his good friends in Hell to order a freak snow storm to prove a point to me… but then I pushed the thought out, Kane wasn’t that powerful… at least I hoped not. 

Not only did we stay at an insane resort and spa nestled in the mountains, overlooking the city, the events we did were pretty fun as well. We did yet another haunted house, another 13th Floor owned location. Then we headed over to this tiny little boutique movie theater. There we did a signing in the lobby, met a ton of fans and then held a screening ofHatchet. It was a great time and I’m glad I didn’t miss it. And to my cousin who thinks my flight was cancelled, which is why I couldn’t make it… well that was sort of true…Sorry cuz.