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Halloween in NYC part 2



After a few more similar stops at television stations, it was off to Fox News to do a national interview on their morning talk show, Fox & Friends.  Arriving in their studio, it was sort of odd for me as I had been on their network several times when I worked for Marvel Comics.  Thankfully I didn’t have to put on a spandex bodysuit. I could just sit back and watch Kane on air from behind the cameras.   They did a nice little intro for Kane showing clips from Part 7 and then went on to do a good interview… though my heart sank as I watched the monitor.  While Kane was great, they were showing clips of every Jason BUT Kane. They were showing footage from Part 2 and Part 3, I wanted to slap whoever did the research for that segment.  While I was mortified, non-diehard fans wouldn’t have a clue, so I did my best to let my frustration pass.  

With the Fox interview over, we had a small break to grab some late breakfast before heading over to the Sirius XM studios to do a series of interviews on their stations.  I was pretty excited for this one because all I listen to in my car is Sirius.  On the fortieth some odd floor of a very posh building, we walked into the Sirius XM offices and were greeted with giant TV monitors saying “Kane Hodder” all over them.  A rep quickly walked over to us, signed us in and then ushered us to Howard Stern’s private green room.  While we’re not doing the Howard Stern show, it was pretty awesome sitting in the same green room so many stars sat in over the years.  There was a fridge of energy drinks and waters we were told to help ourselves.  The three of us looked around the room in awe as we waited to be called into the studio.  The walls were filled with all sorts of memorabilia. I was in such awe that I forgot to take pictures. 

Come to find out, almost all of Sirius XM’s stations (with a few exceptions), were located right on this one floor.  Each channel had a small studio with glass walls, lined up one after another, aisle after aisle, DJ’s and co-hosts visible to the passerby.  This set up made it easy for a guest to go from station to station giving interviews.  When our guide finally got us, we walked down one of these long halls when Kane suddenly stopped and said, “What the f*ck!”.  Turning to see what he was looking at, I saw Bruce Campbell sitting at a microphone, seeing Kane, Bruce gave a small laugh and flipped him off.  Of course Kane jokingly went to go moon him before we were ushered into a studio.  

We did three quick interviews on a country station, comedy channel and some truck driver show before we finally ran into Bruce who was crisscrossing the halls for interviews as well.  Kane introduced me and I tried not to pee myself as I shook his hand.  They both wanted to talk longer, but had to get to the next interview so we all went our separate ways.  While I was having fun watching Kane doing interviews on shows I listen to daily, I was shocked when we walked into the next studio as the host was a guy I grew up watching on television… Jay Thomas.  Not only was this guy The Easter Bunny in the Santa Clause movies, he used to be on a ton of sitcoms.  Walking in, the show was already in progress and I figured I’d stand in the back just like I had with the few dozen shows beforehand.  When the show went to commercial, Jay told me to sit next to him and put on headphones.  I was a bit shocked and excited to be going “on air”, especially with Kane and Jay Thomas… in fact, I got so excited I don’t recall anything I said or that happened!  All I recall is leaving the room smiling, knowing I was just on satellite radio, with Kane, on The Jay Thomas Show, on Howard Stern’s channel….  

After doing major interviews all day, Tonya had set up one last interview with a pop culture website.  The interviewer, a big fan of horror, decided it would be fitting to interview Kane in the middle of Times Square.  We met up with the guy and sat at some tables while talking about the book.  Thankfully the tourists were too busy looking up to notice Kane sitting there.  With the interview over, Kane stood on the island in the exact same spot from Jason Takes Manhattan, only twenty-five years later.  While the scenery is hardly recognizable, (really only by the lay out of the streets, the place is freaking Disneyland now compared to the dangerous drug and gang laden days that movie took place in), I got a chill seeing him there.  While tourists wandered by, paying no attention, I was thrilled to be witnessing a moment of cinematic history, retold in front of my eyes.  And I could tell Kane was thinking back to the day he filmed there as well.  

That evening, Halloween night, I wanted to go down to the Village to watch the Village Halloween Parade, something I did every year I lived in NYC, but I was exhausted and didn’t feel like fighting crowds and standing for hours on end.  Instead I grabbed some food, settled into my room and clicked around to different horror movies on TV, happy as could be.  Little did I know the real fun was about to start… as we were going to be heading to The Stanley Hotel very soon.