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Not the Same Ol' Grind



The past couple of months have presented a flurry of activity on multiple fronts.  In September, my most recent film, Ratline was an Official Selection of Syracuse, New York's fourteenth annual Scare-A-Con Film Festival (formerly the Syracuse International Horror, Sci-Fi, And Fantasy Film Festival).  We were all excited to see Ratline nominated for awards in six categories:  Best Makeup FX, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Writer, Best Director, and Best Picture.  Five of these wins went to other deserving films and their filmmakers, but I was honored to receive the Best Director award.

Last weekend, another film of mine, China White Serpentine (2003) screened as a Special Showcase Selection at Las Vegas, Nevada's fourth annual PollyGrind Film Festival.  We were thrilled that our film, celebrating its ten-year anniversary, was the grand finale of the fest.  The trailer and info about China White Serpentine can be slithered to here.

The PollyGrind Film Fest also featured Jonas (2013) directed by Adam Rehmeier.  This highly-recommended film screened in six "verses" as the director intended, peppered throughout the fest.  You can watch Jonas in its entirety, absolutely free, right here.

Another film I was recently mega-impressed by also screened at PollyGrind.  A Measure Of The Sin (2013), directed by Jeff Wedding, won the "Most Thought-Provoking Film" award at the fest.  The movie also scored producer and lead actress Katie Groshong the "Breakthrough Role" award.  A Measure Of The Sin has been collecting additional awards at various film fests around the country... all very much deserved.  When this fascinating film is released next year, be sure to check it out!

While the full list of PollyGrind fest winners has yet to be announced, I do know awards were handed out to Desolate, directed by Rob Grant, Darkest Days, directed by Danny Field, and Sweet Leaf, directed by Julian Grant.  When the complete awards list is compiled, I'm sure it will surface here at PollyGrind's official Facebook page.

In the midst of all the film fest hubbub, I continued my writing, researching, and scheming.  Many meetings have transpired, over the phone and in person, throughout the past few weeks - all laying the groundwork for the next feature film I do.  It's fun to experience the thrill of my movies hitting film fest screens, but far more exciting is the constructing of my diabolical plans to shake things up even more on my next filmmaking adventure.

Thanks for reading.

- Eric Stanze