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Monster Mash-Ups


I would love to see Peter Cushing take Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers down like a pair of bitches. And I know he could do it too, if only he weren't, ya know, dead. Rest in Final Peace, Peter... or not?

Okay go with me on this one...

Remember when you were a kid and you took your Star Wars figures and played them against your Transformers? Or your G.I. Joes against He-Man? Ninja Turtles versus Power Rangers? Or maybe your Barbies interacted with your Strawberry Shortcakes... We didn't know it at the time but we were creating some of the first pop culture mash-ups.

Cut to today... we're the *GASP* adults. And we're of generations born, weaned and raised on pop culture.  And, in the case of FEARnet fans, horror pop culture.

Is it any wonder that our current lifestyle is one of total cut-and-paste addiction? We're linking, tweeting, pasting, re-cutting, uploading and downloading until our eyes and fingers are bleeding.

It's been going on in comic books, video games and even film, for a while now:
Alien vs. Predator, Marvel versus DC, Freddy vs. Jason. But this is only the beginning, the John the Baptist to the Jesus Christ of mash-ups that are coming our way.

With the exponential rise in digital technology, isn't it only a matter of time before we can create (or recreate) any pop culture icon and plop them into movies that they could never have been in? Not literally of course, but with advances like we've seen in Avatar, how hard would it be to bring back Bela Legosi (or an avatar of him) and drop into an Argento style film like Suspiria? Or take the a young Christopher Lee as Dracula and put him up against an old Christopher Lee as Van Helsing? Imagine Jamie Lee Curtis (now) getting a chance to go back to Halloween and interact with herself in 1978? Or taking someone as awesome as Snake Pliskin from Escape from New York and continuing to see him in other scenarios. How would he do in the film Alien? Imagine your favorite characters from any horror film... now imagine them at the Overlook Hotel from The Shining. What would they do? How would THEY be shaped or molested by the evil that resides there...?

Here's where graphic novels (and even video games) are way ahead of filmed entertainment. A drawing of a character can never age, never grow too old to seek out adventure. Whether hand-drawn or digitally rendered, these characters are eternal. It's why you already see what I'm proposing here in comic books. Been there for years. But soon - maybe not tomorrow or even the next day, but soon - we're going to start seeing a change on screen. One that reflects our cut-and-paste, "Hey, link me that thing," attitude. Fan versions of this phenomenon are already popping up all over Youtube. Chucky vs Freddy, Batman vs Predator, the list goes on. It's only a matter of time before this phenomenon reaches mainstream studio levels.

I hate remakes as much as the next guy. And I hate going over the same ground, creatively, over and over and over. But there's something fresh about mixing decades, mixing actors who can't possibly have worked together, and, through the use of digital avatars, putting them together in the same arena and letting them hash it out.

I know, I know, that's all a licensing, trademark, copyright, legal nightmare that may prove to be the Gordian Knot, or Sisyphus's ever returning boulder. But let's just fantasize for a minute, like kids... like artists... and imagine what we could do with all our favorite characters by mixing and matching our toys?

The day is coming when our sacred cows will not be so sacred, and the kids following us will grow up and want to play with our toys, but in their own way, and it won't necessarily be in the way we did.

And that's cool.

Gaudium Per Atrox.