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Confessions of a Working Director - 10/27/2009


There seem to be a thousand things going on here at Wicked Pixel Cinema HQ.  First and foremost, I've been making great headway on post-production of Ratline, despite the many distractions that keep popping up. 

The three parts of Ratline I've been working on the most this month are the opening credits sequence, the ending of the movie, and the gritty, depraved Nazi experimentation footage we shot documentary-style.  I've also been working with my music score composer, as well as getting momentum started with a new sound designer.

This Ratline work alone is enough to make October an exhausting month.  Usually, I make time each October to enjoy a series of horror flicks, watching one each night or every other night.  This generally includes annual screenings of Night Of The Living Dead, The Changeling, and The Shining.  While I've yet to pop these discs into my DVD player this year, I did get to watch Romero's Dawn Of The Dead recently (this movie never gets old).  I also saw Demon Seed for the first time, which I enjoyed.  Halloween is my favorite time of year, so it is kinda disappointing to be so overworked that I can't enjoy it much.  There are no decorations on the house, no carved pumpkins, and no plans to attend any Halloween parties.  A bummer for sure, but that is a small price for the progress we've been making this month - on Ratline and on many other fronts.

In addition to Ratline post-production, we've been busy trying to pull in the remainder of that project's financing.  We've also been spreading the word about The Cinema Edge Awards, as well as our new American Apparel t-shirts created by  As if this wasn't keeping him busy enough, Jim Wayer has been designing a brand new Wicked Pixel Cinema website.  He's also been working with the awesome folks at Con-Tamination, which will be St. Louis's first Horror / Science Fiction convention.  We'll be making a big splash there April 30 - May 2nd if all schedules remain in sync.

Speaking of The Cinema Edge Awards, go to to check out the video spot created for this contest.  I shot some very weird and eerie footage of Nos, the official spokes model of the contest, to be used as a quick intro bit on the DVD release of the winning film.  Trevor Williams took this footage and edited a pretty damn cool spot for us to put on our front page and on YouTube.  (Thank you, Trev!)

And that ain't all...  Jason Christ (who was already super-busy as the administrator of The Cinema Edge Awards) has teamed up with Jim Wayer and Paul Lancia to do something we've never done here before.  This holiday season, Wicked Pixel Cinema wants to give a gift to you - to say thanks for supporting me and Wicked Pixel Cinema through the years. 

While we'd love to give this gift to each and every fan who's shown us such support, we ain't made outta money, so it ain't gonna happen.  Instead, one very big, very cool gift pack is being put together as we speak.  (I'll give you one hint: the main item in this gift pack starts with an X.) 

When Jason told me everything that's included in this gift pack, even I was impressed!  One lucky fan will be the happy recipient of this big honkin' holiday stocking stuffer.  We'll soon be offering raffle tickets to see which one of ya gets it.  Details to come.

More ventures keeping us busy include post-production of Jessie Seitz's FIVE, hawkin' new monthly specials on our webstore, setting up Wicked Pixel Cinema contests with various cool horror websites out there, and trying to schedule time here and there for Trevor to get some new vlogs shot and cut.

So the overwhelming workload of Ratline post-production, combined with all the rest of this month's activity, would indicate that maybe I'll take it easy next month, right?  Nope. 

In addition to keeping Ratline post-production rockin' and rollin', I'll be heading back to the east coast in November for the second round of shooting on the post-apocalyptic vampire road movie Stake Land.

We seem to never want to take a break.  Overworked as we are with this year's endeavors, we are still taking time here and there to advance business partnerships that will hopefully come to fruition in 2010 - making next year just as exciting as this year!

Maybe when Ratline is done, I will take a decent break.  Probably a week off... after sleeping for about 48 hours straight!

Thanks for reading.

- Eric Stanze