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Confessions of a Working Director - 3/20/2009


Hello, all.  A whole lot is happening here at Wicked Pixel Cinema right now.  I'll rattle off a few updates for ya.

Mike Haberfelner at just did an epic interview with me.  I am quite happy to be included on, as the website is very impressive.  The writing is excellent, and the bios and interviews are very in-depth - so it's information heaven for the obsessive cult film fan!  Be sure to check out my interview at, as well as all the other cool stuff Mike has on the site.  Oh, and don't pass up Mike's interview with the director of SATAN'S CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST!  It is a very interesting read!

On Sunday, March 15, RATLINE actor Jason Christ and I were guests on Indie Radio, an internet radio show hosted by Parrish Randall and produced by Andy Rose that focuses on - you guessed it - The Independent Horror Film.  Jason and I mostly talked about RATLINE and all the agony I put Jason through shooting the movie.  The show airs live every Sunday at 8pm eastern.  Listen here, if you desire or to access the archives, go here.

This May, I'll be a featured guest at the Texas Frightmare Weekend horror convention - and the Indie Radio gentlemen will be there too!  So go get some tickets to the con and join the party, because all of us would love to meet you!

Speaking of Texas Frightmare Weekend, I am pretty damn impressed with the entire guest line-up.  You'll get to meet exploitation film producer David F. Friedman (very cool), legendary actor Dick Miller (extremely cool), and actress Barbara Steele (incredibly awesome).  There are a lot of other first-class guests at this convention (Alice Cooper, Michael Rooker, Linda Blair, Tobe Hooper, Adrienne King, etc.) so I'm very honored to be included in such a premium group.  However, as BLACK SUNDAY is an all-time favorite film of mine, and one that has influenced me much in my own filmmaking pursuits, being included on the same list as Barbara Steele is the most thrilling aspect of all this.

So get your Texas Frightmare Weekend tickets and see the full guest list here

We have a day of pickups to shoot this month for RATLINE, and one day of pickups to shoot in April.  I'm in the first phase of post-production on the movie now, but some technical problems have made this phase go much more slowly than we anticipated.  As I type this, Jim Wayer and Trevor Williams are in the editing room, hunting down and fixing the problems.  In the end, I'm sure these delays won't be a big deal - but with so much going on these days, my head is spinning, and the added stress of these technical set-backs is certainly adding to the chaos in my brain and the knots in my stomach.  I'm very happy I have Jim and Trevor here.  I could not handle this workload alone.

On the subject of RATLINE, we are still (very, very slowly) gathering the cash to finish the movie and erase the debt the shoot has put us in.  In a past blog entry, I talked about the tactic we are using to raise the money.  Because high-dollar investors have run away scared due to America's current economic situation, we've been building much of RATLINE's budget $50 and $100 at a time.

So far, the money trickling in has kept the production afloat, but we are getting dangerously close to having the lack of funds do damage to our timeline.  It is bad enough that we're paying interest on the debt RATLINE put us in, but worse, the production will seize up and cease to move forward if more funding does not come in soon.

For me - and the entire cast and crew - RATLINE is a huge creative success.  The enthusiasm and momentum surrounding this project is amazing.  Being a huge horror film fan myself, I know other horror fans out there are gonna love this movie.  RATLINE has tremendous energy, artistic visuals, well-developed characters, a very unique plot, and lots of crowd-pleasing violence and gore.  We know it will strike a chord with the horror fan base.  It upsets me to think about this movie being delayed in its journey to release.

Go here to see our "get credit" page where donations and investments can be made online, and where you can get your name in the film's credits.

And to everyone who has already gone to our "get credit" page and contributed, Wicked Pixel Cinema sends you a big, heartfelt "thank you!"  We intend to return the favor by making sure your name is in the credits of a movie that kicks ass.

The economy is doing bad things all over the U.S.  But in evaluating how various companies are coping, it seems the ones who are poised for the greatest success when the economy bounces back are the ones who aren't freezing up and clamping down on every dollar right now.  Wicked Pixel Cinema is one of those companies. 

Starving today for success tomorrow is something we're used to, so I'm confident we can tough it out.  Recession or no recession, we're finishing this movie.

Thanks for reading.

Eric Stanze