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Confessions of a Working Director - 6/2/2009


The Ratline wrap party was last weekend, and it came just in the nick of time, as the kids say these days.  I had been working long hours, non-stop for enough weeks, with no days off, that I was feeling another collapse coming on.  I had passed out a couple of times during Deadwood Park post-production, and I collapsed (but did not pass out) once during the Ratline shoot.  Nothing to be worried about - I am sure these were simply instances of exhaustion catching up to me, as these incidents tended to arrive on the tail of much sleep deprivation, and over-working myself without taking any breaks. 

So, on the morning of the wrap party, I could feel the exhaustion shutting my body down.  The party, and the day off, were much needed, it would seem. 

The party was rather low-key.  It was the "taking-a-break-and-relaxing-with-friends" kind of wing-ding, not the "getting-shit-faced-drunk-and-puking-and-getting-arrested" variety of party.  Which was fine with me.  Sure, there were lots of naked people in Trevor's back-yard hot tub by midnight or so, but that's about as wild as it got.

Trevor Williams was the production designer on Ratline and he hosted the party, with substantial backup from his brother Lenny Williams, and from Ratline's production manager Bob Nealon.  I am very grateful to all three of them for donating time, effort, and money in order to give the cast and crew of Ratline a night of "thanks" for the work they did on the movie.  Trevor was the mastermind of the operation.  I appreciate his generosity very, very much.

After the wrap party, I stayed away from the Wicked Pixel Cinema offices for a few days.  Partly, to catch up on some non-WPC duties, but also to enjoy a few days off before diving back into the chaos.  During my days off, I didn't go anywhere or take part in any kind of vacation-like event.  I actually did as little as possible.  I read, listened to music, and watched movies.  It was a much-needed few days of recharging my batteries.  As an added bonus, my sister Sarah was in town for the week, so I got to spend a few hours catching up with her over coffee.  Sarah lives in Portland, Oregon, so being in the same part of the country as her is a rare event.  In 2007, I took a train across the country to visit her.  (By the way, seeing America - at least the West half of it - from the windows of a train was an amazing experience.)  Since that trip to Portland, I had not seen her, so I was very happy when she flew into St. Louis to visit family and friends.

Changing topics... Earlier this year, Jason Christ finished up a Soundtrack CD project that turned out rather well, I think.  Jason, Emily Haack, Jessie Seitz, and I produced the Savage Harvest 2: October Blood Motion Picture Soundtrack.  Replication and packaging were finally complete a few months ago.  This is a one-time limited release.  Once these CDs are gone, we ain't makin' any more! 

The Savage Harvest 2: October Blood Motion Picture Soundtrack features tunes by Somnia, Adair, Tree Of Woe, Rockgodsuperstar, Calico System, and Frankenhookers.  If you have never given these bands a spin, here's your opportunity to check 'em all out via one convenient compact disc! 

This excellent compilation of high-energy punk/rock and Shawn Donoho music score tracks was released while we were super-busy in production on RATLINE, so we didn't really give the disc much of a marketing push.  It really is a very good soundtrack album, it is currently available, and you can snag your copy of it here.

Speaking of Savage Harvest 2: October Blood ...  If you are in the area of spectacular Hollywood, the most kick-ass place to buy movies is at Spudic's Movie Empire!  Eric Spudic - one of the stars of Savage Harvest 2: October Blood  - owns this super-cool movie store, and it is stocked to the ceiling with movies on DVD, VHS, and Laserdisc!  The store specializes in cult films, horror, and that rare out-of-print gem that you haven't seen available anywhere for more than a decade.  Spudic's Movie Empire is the coolest movie store on planet Earth - and yes, you can purchase Wicked Pixel Cinema movies there.

Eric Spudic is an actor in Savage Harvest 2: October Blood , Dead Clowns, and Psycho Santa.  Spudic is the screenplay writer of Killers By Nature, Maniacal, Aquanoids, Creepies, and The Hazing.  Spudic's Movie Empire is located at 5910 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, California,  91401.  Learn more here.

And before I bring this blog to a close, let me throw an option at ya.  We are still seeking funding for Ratline and there is still room to add names to the credits.  All the gory details are here.

Getting your kid's name, boyfriend's name, girlfriend's name, pet's name, etc. into the credits of a kick-ass horror movie makes a pretty cool gift.  Perfect for any holiday or special occasion!  So consider taking part in this, instead of buying him/her that goofy Chia Pet, Edible Undies, or clock that looks like a giant beer bottle cap.

Thanks for reading.

Eric Stanze