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Confessions of a Working Director - August 17th, 2009


First, let me reference my last blog.  My friend and creative collaborator Tommy Biondo passed away ten years ago this month.  My last blog entry was a look back at my experiences making movies with him.  Check it out here.

I wanted to share some more photos of Tom with you, so they're displayed on this page.  Enjoy.

Okay, so here is what's goin' on...  For most of this summer, my brain enjoyed relative focus.  For the first half of the year, my team and I were grabbing little inserts to complete shooting on Ratline, and I was accelerating into the post-production phase.  Throughout June and July, I was able to tune out the rest of the world and focus almost exclusively on Ratline editing, which was pretty damn awesome.

This month, however, everything has exploded into an overwhelming storm of commotion.  Most of this activity is very good, very productive stuff - the only casualty is my sanity! 

One part of all this commotion is our launch of the Cinema Edge Awards, sponsored by VCI Entertainment.  (You're reading the first public announcement of the Cinema Edge Awards, excluding the advance word that went out to my Twitter followers.)  The Cinema Edge Awards is an indie film contest, open to both features and shorts.  The winning feature film will receive a home video distribution deal with VCI Entertainment!

We're excited about VCI's part in this contest, because they are one of the longest-running home video distribution companies in the world, and in fact they produced the very first direct-to-video movie back in the early 80's.  With VCI, a leading home video distributor on board, we enthusiastically set plans in motion to launch this contest - even though the workload on everyone here at Wicked Pixel Cinema increased substantially as a result.

The contest officially starts this week, so if you've made a short or feature film (and if you do NOT yet have a distribution deal for it) be sure to keep your eyeballs peeled for our official announcement of the contest start.  We'll have full rules and entry instructions available soon.  As soon as these are available, we'll announce it on our website.

And I'll post it for my Twitter followers.

Okay, more about the Cinema Edge Awards later...  In other news, I'll soon be leaving St. Louis and Wicked Pixel Cinema behind for a while to spend two weeks in the Philadelphia area.  I was invited to go work on the set of the new horror film Stake Land, directed by Jim Mickle (Mulberry Street) and produced by Larry Fessenden (Habit, Wendigo, The Last Winter, and the upcoming Orphanage remake).  After these two weeks shooting near Philly, the production will break until November, when shooting will continue in New York.  I am trying to arrange my schedule so that I can work the New York shoot as well.

The Cinema Edge awards and being on the Stake Land shoot in Pennsylvania are dominating most of my August and September, 2009.  Still, I must find the time to keep up with my numerous other obligations, such as still photography shoots, running this business, and Ratline post-production. 

We're also still trying to raise the rest of the Ratline budget... so that gets stacked on top of all the other stress.  In fact, the sluggish ordeal of raising the Ratline budget in full is a big reason for the additional flurry of activity around here.  Without Ratline funding coming in, we have to keep stoking other fires to survive, and to open up additional funding opportunities.

I've got a good team here - without them, I know I'd never survive all this!  After some of this dust settles, I hope to soon be back in the thick of Ratline post-production, and making it my top priority.  That'll be nice.

Thanks for reading.

- Eric Stanze