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Confessions of a Working Director - Oct 15th, 2009


Last weekend, Jeremy Wallace and I made our first ever trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The Sci-Fi And Horror Weekend convention was held in downtown Tulsa on Friday and Saturday. 

Jeremy and I were asked to be on a Q 'n' A panel about screenplay writing.  The convention was fun, we met new people, and we hung out with our friends Chris from VCI Entertainment and Darla Enlow and Dana Pike of Next Monkey Horror Films, creators of the fright flicks The Stitcher and their current production, The Last Trick Or Treater

The Q 'n' A went very well.  We shared the stage with Darla, Dennis McDonald (screenwriter of The Last Trick Or Treater), and Fangoria writer John Wooley.

In other news...  There are a lot of horror magazines about, and we all know that ye ol' internet has threatened the life of print publications like Fangoria.  Fango is still holding on, but many other printed horror 'zines have bit the dust, never to put physical ink to paper again. 

One magazine I hope you'll continue to support is Ultra Violent, showcase of world horror and exploitation films. 

This is an independent magazine.  Publications like this that do not enjoy corporate support are usually the first to die a horrible death.  But Ultra Violent is still going strong, and the horror community is better off for it.

I've been a fan of Ultra Violent Magazine for years, so I was very honored when they contacted me and asked me for an interview a few months ago.  Writer Ally Melling interviewed me over the phone (which is somewhat rare - the majority of interviews I do are through email).  Ally was not only a very sweet person, she was quite intelligent and had obviously done her homework - she knew my career and my movies surprisingly well. 

I cringed when she started asking me about my older movies, including my student films.  I have a rather low opinion of my early work, and I was hesitant to talk about those early fumbles.  I was much more interested in my current and future work being highlighted in the pages of UV.  But I quickly grasped what Ally was doing.  This was not an interview about Deadwood Park and Ratline.  She was doing a career retrospective, and it would only have proper depth and scope if new achievements were discussed alongside my early, awkward learning experiences.

When Issue 10 of Ultra Violent Magazine, with my interview in it, was released, I was unaware of it until Fred Vogel of Toe Tag Pictures called me to tell me he'd picked up a copy and read the interview.  "Did I come off like a moron or anything?" I asked him.  "Naw, you came off great." Fred replied. 

Soon, UV Magazine sent me some complimentary copies.  It was cool to see my interview sharing an issue with Alejandro Jodorowsky, Lloyd Kaufman, and actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice (a.k.a. John Morghen). 

I was very impressed by how well Ally Melling had condensed my twenty years as a filmmaker down to eleven-and-a-half pages of a damn fine read.  I appreciated being featured in a magazine I respect so much, and I'm very thankful to Ally and to managing editor Art Ettinger for making the experience so positive.

Ultra Violent Magazine Issue 10 should be hitting the shelves in Borders Bookstores all across the USA soon, if the 'zine has not landed there already.

You can also order online here.

Thanks for reading.

- Eric Stanze