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I had a unique Memorial Day Weekend.  I spent Sunday and Monday on the road, making my way to upstate New York for a film shoot.  I will be here for the entire month of June, toiling away on a feature horror film production that I am very happy to be a part of.

I was hired to work on this film somewhat out of the blue.  I was told that the film's director thought I was unavailable or uninterested in working on this movie.  When he learned the facts – that I would make myself available, and that I was extra-super-mega-interested – I was hired on immediately.  So, this film is a last-second addition to my 2012 schedule – a welcome substitution for other projects that continue to experience delays.

One of the delayed projects is The Walls, which I am a producer on.  We intended to shoot it this Fall, but now that is not going to happen - partly due to some red tape in securing the primary location (an abandoned prison), but mostly due to the director's insane schedule.  We are now thinking cameras may roll on The Walls in Fall of 2013.

Another film I am a producer on is The Bloodfest Club, a horror/comedy starring Bill Moseley (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Devil's Rejects), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, Weird Science), and William Forsythe (Raising Arizona, The Rock).  We were set to shoot The Bloodfest Club this summer, but the production has been taking some unexpected, crazy twists and turns.  I can't go into any details at this time – but we may still be able to shoot The Bloodfest Club at the end of this year.  That is far from set in stone.

The fact that I have the opposite of writer's block represents another delay.  I have been working on a half-dozen story treatments that I am excited about.  Because my enthusiasm runs deep for all of them, I have yet to select which one to actually start writing as a screenplay first.  I now have my top picks narrowed down to two stories – one is a horror film and one is a drama.  When I return from New York at the end of June, I will hopefully be ready to further narrow my focus and start turning one of these two stories into a screenplay, which I hope will become the next feature I direct.

I am the second unit director for this film that has just started shooting in upstate New York – and that's all I can say at this time about the project.  However, I'll be divulging all the details very soon, right here, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.