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The Killers Resolute


I always intend to take a lot of time off around Halloween, as it is indeed the best holiday on the calendar.  Sadly, year after year, the workload simply refuses to let up, and I find myself taking only a fraction of the time off I'd intended.  In addition to other Halloween antics, I always plan to wallow in a sea of horror films throughout October, yet each year I seem to only find time to enjoy a portion of the fright flicks on my list. 

I'm happy to report I did much better this year.  Despite my workload being just as relentless as it always is, the time off was carved out, Halloween was thoroughly enjoyed, and October was overflowing with a wide variety of horror movies, including Dementia 13 (1963), Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), Vampyr (1932), The Lost Boys (1987), Dawn Of The Dead (1978), Tremors (1990), Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (1984), Pontypool (2008), Resident Evil (2002), The Shining (1980), Halloween (1978), and the entire first season of American Horror Story.

I'd been living in this house for a decade, and I'd never decorated full-blown for Halloween, or engaged in the cherished tradition of treating trick-or-treaters who come knocking at the door.  This Halloween, I changed that.  Gory, spooky leftovers from Deadwood Park (2007) and Scrapbook (1999) filled the front window, accompanied by creepy lighting and horror movie music.  Only a handful of trick-or-treaters crept up to snag the lollipops, Jolly Ranchers, Pixy Stix, and Nerds, so a mountain of leftover candy remained at the end of the night... but it was still fun to fully submerge in the holiday spooktivities.

After Halloween, it was back to the grind, but I took a break from my post-production tasks and the piles of work on my desk to enjoy a fine autumn day on a film shoot.  Chris Grega, who directed the sprawling World War 2 drama, Rhineland (2007), the very entertaining comedy, Game Of The Year (2009), and the recently completed zombie film, Sound Of Nothing (2013) is currently shooting a web series called The Killers Resolute.  Grega describes the series as "An American Psychopath Bloodbath Fairy-Tale".  Last week, I went out and contributed assistant camera operator duties for Episode 6: "The Grim Fate Of Lindsay Cunningham".  It felt good to be working with great people on a relaxed set.  Shooting outside all day was enjoyable, as the weather was pleasant and the leaves on the trees were wearing their brightest and most beautiful fall colors. 

The Killers Resolute will be made available after the entire series has trudged through post-production.  When the series is slated to be unleashed, I'll provide all the gory details right here at FEARnet pertaining to when / where / how you can put your eyeballs on it.

Thanks for reading. 


- Eric Stanze