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Eric Stanze is an award-winning director, writer, editor, producer, and 2nd unit director who primarily works on independent feature films. Stanze began interning on local commercials and music videos at the age of 16, and he entered the industry professionally when he was 18. More info, trailers, and news at

09/24/2012 - 2:00pm
It’s that time of year again… the best part of the year… Halloween season.  As I look forward to the frightful festivities, I’m excitedly planning my October Mandatory Movie Viewing MORE
09/17/2012 - 6:00pm
A movie for which I was executive producer and a lead actor, Savage Harvest 2: October Blood (2007), was released five years ago last month.  It is the sequel to a little gore-splattered flick called Savage MORE
10/29/2012 - 3:00pm
The early 90s were a time of exciting transition for this horror fan.  As I said goodbye to my teens and hello to my 20s, I attended my first horror convention, I signed my first distribution contract for a MORE
04/24/2013 - 2:00pm
Join me for another plunge into the menacing darkness of underground fringe cinema.  You’ll find zero Hollywood stars down here, and the budgets for these indie flicks would only pay for one or two MORE
10/05/2012 - 11:00am
One aspect of the Halloween season I enjoy very much is the lining-up of horror movies, as many as possible, to watch throughout the month.  Already this October I’ve sat down to watch two classic MORE
05/15/2012 - 3:23pm
From time to time I will venture out into the dangerous, lawless land of micro-budget cinema to see what creative filmmakers with almost no money are producing.  A few such indie movies, fueled by rebellious DIY MORE
08/22/2012 - 5:00pm
In recent blog entries, I’ve been yappin’ about a film for which I recently directed 2nd Unit, We Are What We Are, directed by Jim Mickle (Stake Land).  It is the U.S. remake of Jorge Michel Grau MORE
04/08/2013 - 1:00pm
Very few figures in the landscape of cult cinema had the polarizing effect that Jesus “Jess” Franco had.  The director helmed The Awful Dr. Orlof (1962), Vampyros Lesbos (1971), A Virgin Among MORE