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Eric Stanze is an award-winning director, writer, editor, producer, and 2nd unit director who primarily works on independent feature films. Stanze began interning on local commercials and music videos at the age of 16, and he entered the industry professionally when he was 18. More info, trailers, and news at

06/17/2010 - 12:30pm
Jessie Seitz, one of the producers on Ratline, also happens to write for the magazine Gothic Beauty.  At the height of our search for bands to be featured in Ratline, a small mountain of promotional CDs MORE
06/08/2010 - 12:44pm
Currently on my Ratline post-production slate is a seven-minute film-within-a-film.  Instead of relying on traditional flashbacks in Ratline (a technique I used heavily in my last film, Deadwood Park) I decided MORE
05/31/2010 - 11:21am
The very first and very last shots in Ratline are important to me.  I put a lot of thought into them, likely because I'm always intrigued by the opening and closing images of movies in general.  I wanted the MORE
05/19/2010 - 12:29pm
This has shaped up to be an eventful month.  We kicked things off by appearing at Con-tamination 2010.  Immediately after that, I dove back into Ratline post-production.  Then there were the phone meetings that MORE
05/12/2010 - 1:36pm
I've been hearing the grumbling coming from horror fans about all the remakes recently released or soon to be.  The most common solution I've heard suggested: stop going to see them and Hollywood will stop making MORE
05/05/2010 - 12:12pm
Last weekend, April 30th through May 2nd, I was a featured guest at Con-tamination 2010, the very first horror convention in St. Louis, Missouri.  I've now been a guest at more conventions across the country than MORE
04/19/2010 - 11:43pm
The last several weeks have been stressful.  Not only have I been overworked by and intensely mono-focused on Ratline post-production, I've also been upset to see my cherished blog here at get MORE
04/16/2010 - 5:11pm
As I am fully submerged in post-production, driving Ratline closer to the finish line, I've left my blog vulnerable to hostile takeover.  This blog has been hijacked by unscrupulous members of the Ratline cast MORE