If all serial killlers were alive today

If all serial killlers were alive today

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Who would kill them all?

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jack the ripper cause he was never caught everyone else has and he wrote a letter to the cops and still got away with it. hes sneaky and smart so he would kill all of them and then get away with it.

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A retard would kill them all. End of story.

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They wpold all team up and kill John45 no wait a retarid could do that

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I agree say goodbye too all horror movies and hello to your local news station but wait its like that now anyways..

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THE PUNISHER. He killed the Marvel Universe, why not all the serial killers too?

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Please....buffy could take em all!

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dude the guy from American Psycho would kill all of them and there would just be one bad ass left hahahaha

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The Power Rangers can take all of them down. lmao. wow.

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Mr. BUSH would kill them..he would find a way to pass a law that labels previously dead serial killers,are now a threat to homeland security. He would ask/ TELL/ congress to give him 500 billion or so to form a joint task force that would find serial killer terrorist cells. He would get another goldstar under his name, and at the same time use his BULLSHIT war on terrorism to secretly boost a failing economy..........sound familiar?

Oh why yes sounds like nowadays...


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