If all serial killlers were alive today

If all serial killlers were alive today

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Who would kill them all?

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Jack the ripper could very well be a female btw. ;D And as much as I love chuck norris jokes I will have to shy away from it this time. 



But I would honestly say they would probably kill each other off, and it would be entertaining, I shall bring my popcorn.

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Jackie the Ripperette is perfectly plausable!

Why kill the killers, let them loose so they can thin out the stupid people population! lol

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Although I agree to that to some extent I still think it wouldnt provide as much entertaintment as it would if they went at each other.


For example when you read/watch super hero stories (or villain depending on prefrence) its boring to watch them time after time kill/fight those on normal standards. It provides interest when they fight someone at the same level.


The stupid people wouldnt last long enough to provide the needed gore for my sourse of entertainment. Of course I wont object to the occasional slaughtering for natural selection to take place. :]

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Didn't they make a movie about killers being sent to an island to kill each other and the winner went free ?

or something along that line       

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Paul Kersey?




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I know that HF knows this serial killer-   "SON OF SAM".   Some of the rest of you may know who he was as well.  Basically he was a serial killer in the mid to late 70's.  I was only about 10 yrs old when he was at his "height" of his "career".  He would kill mostly women and he would go to places where couples hung out.  I remember driving in the car with my Mom on summer nights to pick up my Dad from work ( his 2nd job )  And I was sooooooo scared.  Its pretty scary when  serial killer is in your area.  I think he is still alive today and  rotting in jail.

son of sam mug shot.jpg


son of sam- rantings.jpg


He IS still locked up. HOWEVER, according to police there are two serial killers using the same dumping ground in the Long Island - Brooklyn New York beach area. ( dumping ground for bodies. all women.) SLEEP TIGHT. Luckily in N.Y. you can protect yourself with a gun or knife. . . . . . . . . oh wait. . . . . . . NO YOU CANT. You have to LET THEM rapeyoukillyoutortureyouabuseyoubeatyourobyouhurtyourfamily and THEN call the police. I KNOW, I got a lecture from a police sgt. who must have REALLY kissed ass to get his ignoramus ass promoted.


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I know this isn't on board with the original topic that started 4 years ago, but a person can still arm themselves today, just not legally.  But if some crazed murdering asshole is trying to abduct you / has a weapon and you DO shoot him with no conceal carry permit, a few things could happen, but being alive and going to court is better than being the next N.Y. / N.J. serial killing victim. I mean the cops might interview you and give you a fine OR a little jail time but if the attacker has trophies like a hair / scalp collection in his trunk, then you could very well luck out as far as court is concerned (providing that you kill the attacker and not just wound him; if you wound him, you might get sued regardless of fault).

Or you could do what cops often do, look around for witnesses and if there are none, pick up your shell casings and run away. 

Please understand, I'm not promoting attacking a random stranger or anything, but there are ways to protect yourself illegally, if attacked by a felon and still walk free.  I won't discuss them all but anyone who does their homework can figure it out. It's not rocket science, but if you believe honesty is the best policy to an extent instead........, then go with that and weigh your chances in court.

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i would have to say ed gein, and he would strip the skin off all their bodies and use it for lamp covers and all the gory shit he used it for.


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