Invasion of the Blood Farmers

Invasion of the Blood Farmers

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saw this movie in 1970 or '71 forgot all about it until i found the dvd at the store, Wow!!! what a great cover. "Crazed farmer ramming a pitchfork into the hottie on the cover, until the movie started, omg ancient cult of druids in upstate new york? what the hell, why didnt i live there? a great movie idea gone really bad, acting was so subpar,( made the original Night of the Living Dead ) look like an Oscar winner,. any way, just sharing thoughts about this somewhat great very grade B horror flick. share your thoughts thanks

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that is a kick ass title!


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excellent title

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Looked for a long time to find a VHS or DVD of this movie. When i finally found it I was very disappointed. Good poster and title, bad movie

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