What horror movie let you down

What horror movie let you down

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What horror movie that you though would be good and it sucked ass

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The Village as the premise seemed so intriquing was a HUGE let down.

And all the remakes done in the last 10 years!

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I SERIOUSLY WAS DISAPOINTED in Hostel 2. I was looking so forward to it...it sucked...bad. The effects wernt good, the story was long and boring...there wasnt enough torture or scream factor...big disapointed im sad to say and i love Eli Roth....this just didnt do it

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Anything M Night Shama-----? did and Halloween3 Black Christmas, American Haunting etc...

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blair witch.. any horror film before 1960 in general isn't scarey but more likely campy or the over use of busty women is almost numbing.

To me no horror film is truly scary because they always have special on how they do the effects plus with CGI almost anything can be created to a realistic level which of course create more and more of a barrier between the viewer and the movie

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And Black Christmas...=/

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The Boogeyman..(REMAKE)- Left the theaterHouse Of the Dead- Left the theaterBlair WIth Project...Left the theater- JUST A BAD MOVIEGothica- H.B. CANT BE SCAREY!Wickerman- EVEN WORSE THAN THE ORIGINALThe TCM The Beginning-- Good movie but, with the money they had to make it, they could have done A LOT more with the special effects...The Chainsaw through the gut scene ruined it for me...wanted to see so much more.Saw 3... PLEASE DONT MAKE ANOTHER ONE!most recently... PRIMEVAL...Left the theater...HORRIBLE MOVIE!and on...and on......and on......


Fuck you dude the saw series kicks so much ass

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i just watched wolf creek and let me just say it was one of the most disapointing movies i've seen in a while. they call that a horror movie? where the hell was the horror? i sat here for 2 hours waiting for something, anything scary to happen! what a waste...

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Hostel. It was supposed to be the scariest horror movie in years. The commercials for it really hyped it up. All it turned out to be was a porno... Not even a good one. The only good part was last twenty minutes of it. I was very disappointed by that one; especially because Quentin Tarantino had something to do with it. He's usually awesome.

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Oh I have many let downs! The orginal Black Christmas just wasn't what I thought it'd be. Then there's Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon......TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT! I hated Silent Hill. I'm really not into some of these freakin' remakes (Amityville, TCM).......why mess with a good thing people!?!? Just really pisses me off. Don't people have original ideas anymore? And Hostel was okay, but I wasn't overly excited by the death/gore scenes. And.....lastly........The Grudge is HORRIBLE (Ju-on is better.....although it's not a fav).

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Sorry I know there are alot of fans out there who really love this movie but, I have to say The Blair Witch Project. And also The Village.

i hate the blair witch project, i watched that when i was 7 and thought it was lame. then i watched it again and it was still lame.


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