Return to Sleepaway Camp

Return to Sleepaway Camp

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Here's an update I found online at Fangoria. Hope this spreads some light...


Its been a while since any official updates trickled out about RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP, the slaughter sequel that wrapped principal photography a couple of years back and marks writer/director Robert Hiltziks return to the franchise he created with the 1982 original CAMP. But now, Fango has just gotten a peek behind the scenes of a series of reshoots designed to boost RETURNÆs gore content. Providing a series of new blood gags are makeup FX artists Peter Gerner (pictured left) and Brian Spears (pictured right), whose credits include SHADOW: DEAD RIOT, MIDNIGHT MASS and the soon-to-be-released NIGHTMARE.

ôWeÆve done a shot where a stake goes through somebodyÆs eyeball and comes out the back of his head,ö Spears tells Fango. ôThereÆs a shot where rats are eating out the inside of a torso, and today Pete and I are working on a skinned victim. I remember watching SLEEPAWAY CAMP and being terrified when I was a kid, and freaked out by the twist ending. ItÆs had a lasting impact, and since IÆve told a few people who are huge fans of it that IÆve been working on this project, theyÆre very psyched that itÆs coming out. ItÆs an honor to be called in on a movie like this, which has the potential to be another cult favorite.ö

Spears and GernerÆs new prosthetic gags will be interpolated into the previously shot footage by a computer FX team headed by Jerome Thelia. ôItÆs a combination of heavy-duty practical makeup and digital augmentation, shot on HD and up-resÆd to 2K to finish on film,ö says RETURN producer Thomas van Dell, who appeared in the original CAMP as an actor. ôWe took a look at the effects we had completed during the production, and there was no way, in our opinion, that they could do justice to the storyline and what the fans have been awaiting for so long. And rather than make do with what we had, we decided to scrap itùand took a serious financial hit, needless to say, because we had spent a significant amount of money on the special effects up to that pointùand just go back and redo every single one of those sequences.ö

ôThere are 14 scenes containing roughly 78 shots that weÆre doing,ö Thelia says, ôand weÆre really just getting going on that now. ItÆs a big task; there are four to six compositors plus myself working full-time.ö The FX artist reveals one of the more spectacular gags he and his team will create: ôThereÆs a scene in which one of the characters basically explodes; his eyes come popping out of his head, and his whole body is consumed in flames.ö

ôInnards flying everywhere, all that good stuff,ö van Dell chimes in.

ôThe whole approach,ö Thelia contines, ôhas been to combine digital effects with practical effects, so none of what you see on the screen is ever purely CG or ever purely physical; itÆs always some combination of both. But starting off with really good practicals is the best way to go, and thatÆs where Brian and Pete are helping us out so much. YouÆre gonna see people get killed in every way imaginable, and probably not imaginable [laughs]ùyouÆre gonna see things where youÆll say, æThatÆs not a way I would want to die.Æ Everybody kind of put on their thinking caps and put their two cents in, and itÆs gonna be pretty gross. I dare anybody to keep watching the screen for the whole of it.ö

As for when fans will finally be able to watch RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP, van Dell says, ôWeÆre going to be done this summer, and weÆre trying to see if somebody can slot it in for a rush release in the fall. WeÆd love to see it come out at Halloween.ö Look for more coverage of the splattery sequel in a future issue of Fango, and more news on the SLEEPAWAY franchise tomorrow. ùMichael Gingold

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Sounds intresting enough thanks for the post Hermisis insightful as always .

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Thank you for the info

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Can never have too much gore...Thanks for info will definitely check it out I'm a big fan of the series!!!

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soooo...when does it come out?

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sounds interesting.

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I ams ure it will be alot of the rest of them..

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I love the sleap away camps I just hope the same girl playing her or atleast get a good one.

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