Cannibal Holocaust Gets A Remake!

Cannibal Holocaust Gets A Remake!

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First it was Faces of Death, and now it looks like the infamous Cannibal Holocaust will be the next gratuitous, exploitative horror flick to get in line for the remake treatment. A company called Relevant Entertainment has obtained the rights, and the movie will be produced by Steve Whitney (who also co-executive produced The Amityville Horror remake). Weve mentioned the original Cannibal Holocaust a bunch of times here on Film Junk, and it is probably the most disturbing film IÆve seen to date. Italian director Ruggero Deodato shot real animal deaths in the film, along with scenes that include a brutal rape, a human fetus being destroyed, and a penis being torn off. Deodata even spent time in jail because the documentary style was so realistic that people thought the actors involved had actually died. Sounds like it should fit in nicely alongside upcoming remakes like Day of the Dead and Near Dark, right? Uhhà yeah.

While IÆm sure thereÆs an interesting concept that can be pulled from the original somewhere, I donÆt really see the point of doing a movie like this without all the gruesome imagery and gritty low budget style. I mean, isnÆt that the only point it was made in the first place? IÆd hesitate to even call the original a horror movie since itÆs not really scaryà just repulsive. On the other hand, people still love cannibals just as much now as they did back in the 80Æs, so why not? Production on the remake is expected to start sometime this summer.

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I'm the worst side of all cuz I'm a fence sitter with a damn near split personality and an annoying tendencency to hip hop back and forth. In the case of Cannibal Holocaust, I'd rather see nothing then the remake. But, if they go through with it I'll keep my fingers crossed for all of us. But, I really do think they should remake the stuff.

Enjoyed talking to you destroyer.


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didnt care for cannibal holocaust as much as i did for Zombie! But it would still be cool to see a remake of it.

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Despite whether you enjoyed his 'Hostel' Movies, or Cabin Fever (Love that one), I think Eli Roth should direct it. The man constantly jabbers on about how much he loves this movie (Going so far as to have the director of the original cameo in 'Hostel 2'), so why not? We know it wouldnt be tamed down, like most directors would do.

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All i have to say is WTF!!! Bad idea!

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hopefully its better than the original, which was a dickfest with animal mutilation...and thats about it... could probly be counted as some kind of fetish porn though i guess...naked little dudes running around chopping up animals...dunno...never was my cup of tea

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Actually the movie will not be a remake of Cannibal Holocaust actually. Also the director actually apologized for killing the animals in the original film and stated he won't do that with this new film.

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jesus, that suckfest gets a remake? wow. possibly the the worst of all the "hyped goriest movies ever" and it wasnt even gory. biggest let down i have ever seen and somebody is going to make another one. i wonder if they can find more guys to flash their dicks than in the first one...we can only hope!!!!    oh, and i was just being sarcastic about the dicks....


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