CGI Vs. Prosthetics

CGI Vs. Prosthetics

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which form of effects do you like better?

I enjoy the old school prosthetics because you can never achieve the same effect with a computer.

The makeup looks so much grislier and I like them best.

so which one will it be?




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I agree I'm with the Old school effects too.

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Prosthetics,CGI looks too fake.

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Prosthetics,CGI looks too fake.


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prosthetics all the way. i hate when you see how fake it looks even when the cgi is good. im actually looking into special effects schools, so far tom savini's and joe blasco's seem to be my main choices

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I hate CGI!!!!!!

PaliAzzar's picture

It's still unanimous.

I want real fake, not synthetic fake.

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I think the only people satisfied by CGI are the people that only watch horror movies once in a while. In general though I think the CGI stuff has been way over done. It seems like you can't watch a movie with actual props anymore.

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i don't like CGI!!

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im kinda on the fence (and not in the good way) about the whole argument...

i like old school 100 times better, but CGI does have its place, when it is done well... which never seems to be the case.

if ppl would stop using CGI as the "cheap" way of doing gore, it would be great. i know a few students who can do wonderful things with CGI and prosthetics yet i never see stuff that good in movies...

Prosthetics are by far the best, but CGI can be so much more... if they use it like the art form it is.

remember, not to long ago prosthetics looked too fake, and red water was used for blood on bodies with no wounds

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I just saw the trailer for a new movie called "300." Man, the whole thing looks synthetic!

I wasn't going to see it anyway but still.... Looks like a fancy cartoon.


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