Who would you kill?

Who would you kill?

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really, i'll kill any and evryone that i hate. (and thats alot of people)

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benjamin breeg's picture

why all the hate?

mjane12288's picture

I would kill........................ for the fun of it................the people that look down on the artists as homless losers........ then id use them im my work and display there disembouled corps as a work from hell....... HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!


loglady's picture

Wow. You sound sound so artistic!

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macabrefeind's picture

I would have no problem killing every single science teacher I have ever had

zombiemarco's picture

Almost everyone.

Blood Dragoness's picture

The driver ahead of me ! Grrrrrrrr.

christ7's picture

I would kill my old boss Mark Koder for firing me. I amwithout a job and trying to make ends me. Kill Kill!

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ShadowPhantom's picture

I would kill anyone who anoyed me if pushed to far I could do it to but I would probably feel really bad after doing so cause I really can't do that in real life.

skuff's picture

Anyone that would harm children!

AllenC's picture

Uwe Boll so he couldn't make anymore shitty movies


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