Who would you kill?

Who would you kill?

deathbringer's picture

really, i'll kill any and evryone that i hate. (and thats alot of people)

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poohfreak73's picture

Anyone that would harm children!

And Paris Hilton. How revolting that she thinks she is worthy enough and in need of asking Arnold for a pardon!

Nokturnal's picture

Rosie O'donnel. Fucking hate that cunt for more reasons than i care to list.

Lil tease's picture

A lot of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lurtz's picture

My neighbors, and most of this little town Im living in. They cant understand me, they don¦t tolerate what I¦m doing, they are not worth living. The less people are around the better it is

deathcry2226's picture

I would have to say I would kill Everyone who thinks they are better then others. Someone like Paris Hilton. Now that is a stupid, annoying, skinny person i would enjoy killing. But if she ends up dead i did not do it.

William podoll's picture

I would like to kill evey asshole who has ever fucked with me!and made fun of horror movies!!!!

oddtopsy's picture

I would kill ALL THE ARIAN SCUMBAGS THAT I COULD FIND....and the idiots that drive slow in the passing lane! ..Oh, and Freddy, I'd kill Freddy for Jason!!!

thazen's picture

So so many so so little time!!!!!!! So many people piss me off during the day that I would LOVE to kill that I wouldn't get anything else done!

thazen's picture

Nokturnal, please put an ax in that bitch Rosie's head for me too!


All the people in Hollywood who would destroy an entire franchise just to make a quick buck. You hear that makers of Batman and Robin(1997).


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