Who would you kill?

Who would you kill?

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really, i'll kill any and evryone that i hate. (and thats alot of people)

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My ex-husband.

My boss.

My boss before that.

The one before that, too.

Every slut that tried to mess with my husband.

My grandmother.

My ex-husband again. Yes. I'd kill him twice.

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Goerge W. Bush the only reason putting us into war for basically what to kill all of our troops. Stick a peice of C-4 up his ass and watch the guts fly. Look out every one he's fucked.

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"Never kill anyone you know that's how you get caught" - Marshall from MR. BROOKS

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I'd be pretty much like Dexter and I'd kill the ones that deserve it, follow Harry's code, of course. I've always had a bit of a vigilante streak in me.

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Whores/hookers or whatever you want to call them........mainly because no one will care or notice when they die.

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All the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake.

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O gee lets see 3 people from work,

Brittney Spears,

The Oxey Clean guy Billy Maze,

People who hunt animals for no reason or just to kill something,

Ronald Mc Donald & maybe anyone who gets in my way depends who it is.....

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For my opnion of killing a person, it was someone who deserved it.Like for instance a skinhead or a Ku Klux Klan member who would not accept the way people think anymore,or how people work with themselves. They expect everyone to be the same,when it would be so dull and boring

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Definately G.W.Bush. Yup. In a really really torturous way... thinks for a moment Yeah. Definately. I'd start at the toes and work my way up on that one...


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