What is your favorite death scene and from what movie?

What is your favorite death scene and from what movie?

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My favorite death scene is from Alfred Hitchcocks Rope because it lasts for the hole movie

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Funny the similarities of some answers, but I have to agree. I also must go with the Friday the 13th arrow from under the bed. Probably for those of us growing up in the 80's Friday the 13th/Halloween had the most influence.... at least for me they did.

Does a death scene of a zombie count, if it does, I go with Dawn of the Dead when the zombie gets the head clipped by the helicopter, I keep rewinding to through that scene over and over to see how the heck they did it.

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it has to be hellraser !!??/ with the chains and the hooks part ! !! !!! are the the best ever ! nothing can beat that !!!!! and friday the 13 has some good stuff !! can:t wait for the new friday too come out !!!

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My favorite death scene has to be from Maniac where Tom Savini's head gets blown off by a shotgun. That scene seriously made me go "Whoa!"--darfoo


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HalloweenII that bitch gets her head dumpd in the tub and shes all burnt

Halloween4 guy gets skull crushed

Texas Chainsaw Massacre(74) guy gets hit wit a sledgehammer and shakes like crazy on the ground

Land of the dead i think they chopped a guys legs off and he was holdin a grenade so half his body fell 2 the ground on top of the grenade and BOOM

Texas Chainsaw massacre the beggining when that dude got impaled wit the chainsaw and gets his face cut off ewwwwww

The Omen the priest gets pipe thing stabbed throghh him

kinda funny it was infront of the church

Black christmas(06)killer guy falls off balcany and lands on sharp decoration

Nightmare on Elm St. Jonny deep gets sucked into bed and a lot of blood comes out

Final Destination3 guy gets squished wit a billboard sign

dammit cant think anymore

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My favorite death scene was in NoES. Tina being slit right down the front with the gushing blood, flying through the air, being dragged up the wall and across the ceiling...and then going splat on the bed.

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From Beyond, nurse gets her brain sucked out through her eye. Incredible

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I'd have to say one of my favorite death scenes is from an old cheesy movie called the Playroom, where a woman is sitting strapped into a torture chair thinking she's going to get some, and this saw blade comes from in back of her through the chair and she gets sliced in half, that was cool shit. I also like the classic from Friday the Thirteenth with the blade up through the bed and through the guys throat. Definitely brutal.

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The Rack Trap from SAW III. It takes the victim's hands, feet, and head for an 180 degree ride. Just plain sick (but I loved it).

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Irreversible when that dude gets his head bashed in with a fire extinguisher and the scene goes on for 5 or more minutes and it just shows this dudes face being smashed in!!! pretty cool!!

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I like the FRANK death scene in the first hellraiser! Where the centobites find frank and he gets torn apart by the hooks, christ on a cracker that was a cool death scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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