Your Favorite Gore Scene?

Your Favorite Gore Scene?

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Mine was final destination 3 when that girl's head hits the nail gun and they go into her head

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check these out...

Best Deaths Ever


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NICE HEADSHOT SCENE! I definitely have to check that movie out now! I still like the death in Final Destination 2 where the guy gets sliced into pieces by the barbed wire fence. The elevator cord death scene in Omen 2 and the beheading scene in the Omen (remake and original) were awesome too!


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I actually like a few but one that took me off guard was in the re-make of THE OMEN when the priest is decapatated..and final d 2..when the kid gets squished by the metal..plank .

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I love that scene in Return of the Living Dead, when the bald punk rocker follows everyone into the basement of the medical supply warehouse and he gets his scalp torn into by the oily looking zombie that had emerged from the army casing, complete with the whole BRAINS!!!! reference. The blood kind of sheets out. Nice! Or if you're talking about "real" gore, In Faces of Death IV, the mechanic with the calf hanging on by a thread of skin after getting it shorn almost completely off by a brake drum while underneath a car in a pick a part yard. His shrieking and that bloody leg picked up and put on the strecher almost as an afterthought. Priceless.


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final destination 2. the tank blows up throwing the barbed wire fence at the stoner cutting him up into little bitty pieces.

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In Silent Hill, when that chick gets her skin torn off by Pyramid Head in just one grab. Or in the same movie, when Alessa sticks her barbed wired tenatcles into Christabella and its raining blood!


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Or, in Hostel (or even The Devils rejects) When the girl who has had acid poured over her eyes steps infront of the train..

or In Rejects, when the room service chick runs out onto the deserted road right infront of a semi! I was NOT seeing that one comming! LoL!

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2001 manics

when they tie the slutty chicks arms and legs to ropes

and the ropes are tied to horses then they

rip them all off

or guinea pig flowers of flesh and blood

the whole torure part

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heres just a few of my favs, in the org. night of the living dead when the zombies are playing with the guts out on the lawn. the org. dawn of the dead when the zombie takes a bite out of the ladys neck. when frank comes back in hellraiser. pretty much every scene in the thing. in dead alive when hes running around with the lawn mower. the beyond when the little girl is in the morgue and the bodies are dissolving. and of course the eye scene in zombie.

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it has to Final destination 3 !!!! when the gril "s head hits the nail gun !!!!!! that was os fucking (sweet) !!!!!!!!!>>>>>



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