Your Favorite Gore Scene?

Your Favorite Gore Scene?

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Mine was final destination 3 when that girl's head hits the nail gun and they go into her head

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Opera= The gunshot through the peep hole that blows through the womans head and hits the phone.

Zombie= The eyeball scene

Seven Doors of Death A.K.A The Beyond= I like all of them in this movie

The Gates of Hell= When the woman pukes up her guts and when the guy gets his head drilled

Antichrist= When she hits Willem Dafoe in the dick with a piece of wood and when she cuts her twat with

                the scissors.

The Burning= When the killer takes out all of the kids on the dock in about ten seconds.

Basically anything from Argento and Fulci= Argento was more stylistic in his killings while Fulci was just

 balls to the wall gore. I am a huge fan of both men.

Frontiers= The guy on the giant table saw.

Bad Taste= When he shoots the guy in the head at the beggining and when Peter Jackson falls off the cliff.

Cannibal Holocaust= When the stake gets stuck through the girls, or was it a guys, ass and it comes out his/her mouth.

Blood Sucking Freaks= This had a few nice kill scenes in it.

I have so many favorites that i can't even think of them all right now. I am having a major brain fart.



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