Ultimate Cheesy Gore Moments

Ultimate Cheesy Gore Moments

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What do you guys think are the best lowbudget gore scenes out there? not the entire movie but very specific 10 sec scenes

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The I kick ass for the lord scene frome dead alive, lawn mower scene from dead alive, dead alive is all cheesy gore.

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Evil Dead, one of the greatest zombie stories with wonderful clay effects when turning into a zombie. Looks just like green and blue play-doh. Also when Ash is trying to kill his girlfriend with the shovel it is so obviously a dummy. Gotta Love it!

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The first death scean in suspiria

Most brutal ever in my opinion


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I'm gonna have to go with the lawnmower scene from Dead Alive.


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the scene in hatchet, where the freak slices the old man in half with the hatchet....pretty good scene, since the lawnmower scene in dead alive has been said, how many times?

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BAD TASTE had some great cheesy gore.


gorechick30's picture

the fight  scene in the story of riki where riki and oscar were fighting and riki slapped the eye out of oscar. hilarious and over the top. the whole scene itself was cheesy but fun.

cthulhulad's picture

The pop n fly eyeball scene in Evil Dead 2,

the ''Vagina Dentata''scene in Grim Prairie Tales

The Fingerbang misfire in Cabin Fever


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The  movie Troll was'nt realy a very low budget film but I like the part when the Troll offs Sonny Bono.I just do'nt like Bono I guess!

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any gore scene in POULTRYGEIST, super silly



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