Ultimate Cheesy Gore Moments

Ultimate Cheesy Gore Moments

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What do you guys think are the best lowbudget gore scenes out there? not the entire movie but very specific 10 sec scenes

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I just finished watching a movie of the 70's headhunter/cannibal Euro-grindhouse sub-genre called Amazonia. In it they show what happens to a woman cheating on herr husband and her lover-he's hung upside down face smeared with honey so ants can eat his face--it is really cheesy-but it was a decent movie

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I would have to say anything from the movie Thankskilling. I looked it up and they actually made this film on something like a $2,700 dollar budget. I actually liked this movie, but of course i was as high as groceries when i watched it. I have to talk about this movie all the time on here but i liked it. In one scene this turkey that looks like a cheap handpuppet is about to rape this girl and he puts on a gravy flavored condom on before he tears it up doggystyle. it is a pretty funny movie, but i recommend if you are going to watch it, i recommend rolling the king of all fatties and just set back and try to make it through.

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the king of all fatties !!!nice i like that one !!!LOL

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I have not seen 1/4 of the movies that you people have watched. Wow-Thankskilling sounds interesting in a comedic way. Sometimes light zombie movies like Saun of the Dead are just what your looking for to watch on a sunday afternoon. But advising the twisting of one to watch it makes it sound almost unwatchable. Should I add it to list to watch or pass on it?

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Everyone knows Wisconsin has the best cheese for home of the cheeseheads. For gore we had Ed Gein, & Jeffrey Dahmer. WE got Cheesy Gore covered!

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You all must see the ABOMINATION from '86. There's not any 10 sec clip that I would choose over another...It's pretty much non stop gore. And talk about cheesy...eesh. There's about a twenty minute scene of real animal entrails getting pitchforked into a giant black trashbag-monster that grew out of a loogey in the opening scenes. A classic.




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I would also have to say that the part in Lucio Fulci's "House By The Cemetery" where the guy gets eaten by the spiders in the library. Now that was freakin awesome.

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Lawn Mower.....Dead Alive   mmmmmmmmmmmmmm cheesy goodness......


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