Most Painful Ways to Die

Most Painful Ways to Die

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Okay, I was trying to make a list of the most painful ways to die, but I can't think of anything good.

Any ideas?

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1 word Castration

or any thing having to do with takin manhood


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i have tons of ideas, a few of my greats are being used in my movie, its confidential right now, so i cant post them on here, but if you add me and send me a message, i can send you my ideas, well a few of them atleaste, my big finale idea is quiet from anyone, people on my crew dont even know what it is yet...

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painful? hmmmmmm. maybe having little saten worshiping animals rape you, rip your head off, screw you in the neck, shove a boey knife in your anal passage, and take turns screwing your dead body.

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Tortured to death. Suffocation. Drowning. Burned alive.


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High pressure chamber. But it may be difficoult too fint one..?


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Getting face fucked by a Louisville Slugger until the bats handle is rubbing against the inside of your ribcage.


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My hands tied behind my back. I am hanging by a hook in my throat. Really anything 2 do w my neck is a bad way 4 me 2 go!


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Having the skin pulled off your body so that the muscle shows followed by escervasion (or vivisection) all without antastesia and if you are alive after that have rock salt poured all over your body. (maybe do that  as a prelude to the vivisection and escervation).

Another nasty way to die is to be forced to injest acid via a tube inserted into your mouth so it goes down your throat. (my fav death scene but I won't say which movie)


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dropped feet first into a wood chipper... anyone with a worse death than that, i commend you for finding worse

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Stripped naked, and staked out on a hil of Fire Ants! I've been bitten by them, the name is right on! Imagine being eaten alive by millions of tiny creatures who's bite feels like being touched by by a lit match.



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