Most Painful Ways to Die

Most Painful Ways to Die

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Okay, I was trying to make a list of the most painful ways to die, but I can't think of anything good.

Any ideas?

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I think we can all agree burning would suck.

Medium rare

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stabed in the stomach and left in a room of hungry rats with your hands tied behing you those fuckers will literally eat you from the feet up

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The most painful way to die is as the last King of Isreal did. Zedekiah, after being captured by his enemies was forced to watch as his sons was slew in front of him and afterwards he was blinded so that it was the last thing he could ever remember seeing. He was forced to live out his life bonded in brass to dwell on that vision for the rest of his life. No death could be worse for me.

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Like Betty Short, the Black Dahlia. Not me, buddy that would suck. 

And apparently, she was alive throughout the cuttings off of some of her bits. 

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I would have to say sawing would probably be the most painful way to die. When done, usually one is bound naked and upside down, legs spread. The sawing would start at the crotch, working downward til the body is fully split. The worst part is the rushing blood to the head would actually prevent the victim from passing out, so you'd be forced to endure the pain and torture until the moment you finally die...

...yeah, fuck that. :/


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