would you like to see a remake of reanimator

would you like to see a remake of reanimator

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This was one of the first horror films i ever saw!!!! Loved evrey gorey minute of it, would you like to see a decent remake of it?

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personally i wouldnt...im not much into remakes cause most remakes are horrible...just dont wanna see another classic butchered

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true most remakes do suck, but i think if it was done rightt id watch it! But it would have to have jeffrey combs in it!!!!

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unless they are going to remake it closer to the Lovecraft story there is no reason to remake it.

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Agreed... an actual depiction of the serial story would be great. I think they would have to take some effort in casting to try and sign someone that is as intense as Jeffery Coombs was.

If they did a remake, I am sure they would try and do it in modern times, but I would rather them do it in the age the story was set in.

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I own the original but I have yet to watch it. Maybe I'll watch it tonight.

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A remake would be pointless. House of Re-Animator is on it's way.

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NO...Please no...it is perfect now, ...Screaming Mad Georges' gore still tops my list.....From Beyond was good, but the Un nameable , being some what unknown could be re made with out to much complaining from me.

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If Rob Zombie directed it and J.Combs was still in it, then Hell Yes!...........J.Combs is hot as hellWink (even in his old age) and Rob Zombie is a genius. Bride of Re-animator wasn't too good but Beyond Re-animator was damn good (it was the 3rd Re-animator movie). I normally don't like re-makes but this is such a classic that I don't want it's potential to end.

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OH boy that is a tuff call, I am a big fan of all the Reanimator movies, and a bigger fan of Jeffrey Combs. It such a classic set the way it is I would hate to be disappointed in a remake. But I agree with Spooky maybe if Rob Zombie did it and placed Jeffrey Combs in it, at least somewhere, I might take a chance on a remake.

lol babuh

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They should remake it.....and in my opinion, if they refuse to make it according to Lovecraft's writing (which seems to be the thing in Hollywood. I do not know why.) Then at least hand it over to Rob Zombie. His violent and outrageous sense of humor would do a good job updating this story.


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