driving down the road and what happens??

driving down the road and what happens??

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Okay, so you're driving down the highway when you come to a traffic jam. That's not unusual, right? Well, that's when you notice these people walking toward the highway, but not just two or three...try more like a hundred or so. You can't get a good description of them, but you and I both know what they are. You can't move your car cuz of the traffic and they're closing in...WTF are you thinking and what do you do??

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Weigh your options.

Are there concrete embankments which would prevent you from muscling your car out of the jam and heading the opposite direction? Are these monsters moving fast or slow?

You could always get out and run for it. But how do you know you won't just be running into another swarm of them? If they are fast running creatures, would it be wise to make a run for it? Or would you just die tired?

The third option is always to check the trunk for a weapon of some kind and stand your ground.

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i would bolt. i would try to find the best weapon i can and i would assume that they are either vampires or zombies.

if they r zombies, you have some time to get away. if they r vampires, you better get out fast.

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Humans or monsters I would get the fuck out of there!

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Well, I am assuming you inferring these are zombies. I say this cause usually you don't see a hundred or so vampires out and about together. Okay. That's established. Now, I can't drive forward because of the traffic jam. But if there aren't any cars behind me I would just back up turn the car around and get the f out of there.

If that isn't possible. I would get out of the car with my mag lite flash light (which I always have with me-great weapon, btw) and start running in the opposite direction. Flagging down another motorist who might be able to drive off in the opposite direction.


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Considering that I'd be stuck in a traffic jam and unable to drive away from the mob, or over them, the car would have to be ditched. Sure you could stay inside I suppose and hope that they don't swarm the vehicle eventually breaking the windows and turning you into a delicious meal, but I'd get the hell out of the car, run the opposite direction and hide until I could gather necessary zombie-killing supplies and perhaps join with a few other people with like minds.

Then... it's on...

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Well if we're talking about not only zombies but a current traffic jam with people still in there cars, i would start honking my horn and ramming people so i could get out go and get the hell outta there. however if the zombie r the people from the cars or r already dead i back up and go the other way, using my car as a weapon if need be.

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