Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

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Okay, any movie that has really bad and low budget speical effects is great cheese for a movie.

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All I want to say is ROFLOL!!!!!! I loved all of them.they were just to funny.

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this movie was funny

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i enjoyed the cartoon more then the movie.

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this was a funny movie

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Forget "Puberty Love", "Touch Me There" is one of the best-worst love songs ever.

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Movie good for a laugh.

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lol I forgot all about that movie. No wonder its soooo old.

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Okay the movie wasn't all that good but the cartoon was cool when I was a kid

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i liked it as a kid

but it has been way to long

since i have seen it

i do not remember much if any of it

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i have to admit i bought the dvd saw it when it first came out it is awful but a guilty pleasure


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