Killer Klowns from outer space

Killer Klowns from outer space

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there's a real drive in movie..too funny for screams

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Take a lady to see this one. Lay out on a yellow raft in the back of the car and drink champagne. Then take her to the top of the world! sounds like an adventure to me.

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i finally got see this gem a few months ago...

i loved the cotton candy coccoons!!

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I keep 3 in my closet at all times

Very imaginative movie

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LoL I loved this Film.. So amusing, and pretty good special effect (considering the budger and all) XD

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You know, I just couldn't laugh. I love bad b movies, but I'm sorry...there's nothing funny about clowns. Buggers are freakier than Jigsaw on psychotropics.

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I have to agree that this is a great drive-in movie. Personally I love the scene where the clown makes a T-rex shadow puppet!!!

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The music just goes with it so well! And to think it was made with a crappier synth then the one you have on your desk! Its cool that a movie can be made soo well with so little

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I love this movie. It used to give me nightmares but I was like 8 at the time. Its one of those Midnight movies. I tell ya there is little better then Having the midnight giggles and watching this movie.

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Lets save up our lunch money and fund the Bros. into making another one!


Killer Klowns FOS vs. Demonic toys!!!

That has silly written all over it!

No id rather them try to go with a more creepy aproach this time. I can just see a scene where a kid wakes up at night and steps out of their room into a dark hallway to get a glass of water and starts walking toward the camera, but at the other end of the hall behind the kid theres a dark silhouette of a tall fat clown just standing there.

A bit more ominous would be cool. but maybe then it wouldnt be the same kinda movie?

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okay not scary now....but i saw it when i was 10 so then I was freaked out. seriously the part where it comes up thru the toilet- i was scared to pee. Add that to the IT shower scene and I cannot believe I wasnt tramatized by clowns for life


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