Killer Klowns from outer space

Killer Klowns from outer space

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there's a real drive in movie..too funny for screams

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I believe this is one of the best clown movies ever. First they have the cooles tlooking clowns of all. Second for a low budget film they had plenty of special effects. And third the ideas were so original I havent seen anything compare to it. Great all around movies and we should use this as an example of what a B movie should be.

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"This is Mooney's Jail and you aint got no rights."

Not only was Killer Klowns sick and funny but it had cool dialog as well. Kinda hard to find though.

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just like the kool aid man.

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you are scard bich

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Love the makeup!

Love the movie one of my favs!

This is where I developed my love for psyco clowns.

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sorry saw this movie when I was a kid and thought is was more funny then anything no offense to those who like it but for me this reminded me a gag movie

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This movie was hilarious! If anybody knows where I can find it, please let me know. I'd love to get it for my sister.

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My daughter got me to watch this one. I said naww it's just a b movie.. She wouldn't quit till I watched it with her..And we had such a good time, I am so glad she pushed. Sometimes the kids do know best. Especially when they do know you.

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my mom hates horror movies but this one i got her to watch and she loved it. now we tease the clowns are gonna come and get each other.

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nopers never saw it-strange


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