Just Before Dawn

Just Before Dawn

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I went to the drive-in to see this one,LOVED IT!!

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I saw this when Blue Underground released it on DVD. It was cool. Really takes me back to those days when I'd drive my Winebago up to the mountains while listening to Blondie sing 'Heart of Glass', and getting yelled at by George Kennedy. Yeah, go paint your wooden indian, George!

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There're demons in the woods!

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I had never heard of this one when I bought it. It kinda felt like a cheap take on The Hills Have Eyes but it was still fun.

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Was really glad to find this one finally released on DVD. Really cool to re-visit the memory of the realization there two killers. Brings to mind another guilty pleasure, "Don't Go in the Woods". Still waiting for that one.

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iam never up after sun rise......

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love this movie. even though there is some extreme fisting in it, i still love it.

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Nothing says fun like like backwoods psychu rednecks! 2001 Maniacs is cool too

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