Lesbo Vampiros

Lesbo Vampiros

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Not the typical vamp movie, but worth a look anyway. If your into early 70's Italian lesbian vampire movies.

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Vampyros Lesbos, a bizarre German headtrip of a movie. Surreal sums it up nicely, I think.

I can't say I could really enjoy it, m'self. I mean, I appreciate it for what it is, in terms of filmmaking, but...

Call me a philistine, but for lesbian vampire action, I'll take The Vampire Lovers, and a six pack.

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this was weird. full of arthouse imagery. also, the vampires were able to go out in the sunlight.

the actress who played the countess, Soledad Miranda, tragically died within just a few years of filming this, just as she was about to sign a multi movie contract with a major studio.

this wasnt exactly horror, although it has its moments, it is mostly an art house production, hence all the strange bug and kite and RED images.

it was cool.

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Jess Franco cranked about a zillion films including Vampyros Lesbos. He actually made 13 movies in one year! If you like VL you might want to check out The Female Vampire, less art house more just plain sex. Lina Romay spends the whole movie naked.

If you are more into the surreal aspects take a look at Venus in Furs or Succubus. The guy is still making flicks.

Franco is one of my heros. Not because every one of his films are masterpieces (although his films often contain brilliant moments), but because he is hellbent on making movies and often touches on subjects other filmmakers are afraid to touch.

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I'm sorry for all who have much more artistic points on this, but it really seemed to me to be a combination of extremely bad exploitation film and pretentious shit.

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The presence of Soledad Miranda makes me like this film more than I should. She could convey so many emotions with just a glance. One can't help but wonder what she could have done if she had lived longer and made the leap to bigger movies with better scripts and directors.

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It is all about the slammin' belly dancin' soundtrack. Tarantino even uses part of it in Jackie Brown.

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I found Vampire Obsession to be a better, or should I say more arousing, lesbian vampire movie. Those older Italian movies always turn me off, no matter the context, except for the Clint Eastwood ones. Well, maybe those too.

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Those older Italian movies always turn me off, no matter the context,

I should've said "European", I wasn't really sure where it was made.

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I don't know why Jess Franco gets the props that he does. i guess it is because he has been churning out crap hardcore for decades.

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this movie was very slow and kept dragging on


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