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So does anybody here have a favorite Troma movie. Most of them are so bad they are good sometimes.

My favorites are:

Mother's Day

Class of Nuk'em High

The Toxic Avenger

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my are the toxic avenger films,the class of nukem high films,monster in the closet,the children and kabuki man....

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I watched Troma's War and now I don't think I will watch any others.

Why not? Troma's War was a great movie!

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toxic avenger 1 and 2, terror firmer, class of nuke'em high, tromio and juliet, monster in the closet. (in no particular order)

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I love Troma but I'm not gonna lie, they have so many movies that I haven't even seen before.  Of the ones that I have seen here are my favorites.

1. The Toxic Avenger

2. Class of Nuk'em High

3. Poultrygeist

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Combat Shock

Bloodsucking Freaks.

Children at play

Cannibal confederates

Cannibal The Musical

Suef Nazi's must Deie

Class of Nukem

Toxic Avenger


Def by Temptation

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I have to go Toxic Avenger on this. The absolute best B-movie ever made. I still have my VHS tape of that and of course DVD. Is it on blu-ray yet?


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TRomeo and Juliet (first movie I remember seeing Debbie Rochon in), Toxic Avenger, Class of NUke `Em High, and recently, Poultrygeist.

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Of course we all love Toxie, some of the others i love are:

Troma's war

Class of Nuke Em' High

Terror Firmer

Tales from The Crapper

Sgt. Kabuki Man N.Y.P.D



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oh i dont want to repeat the list that has already been said a bunch but here goes my favorites:


Class of Nuk'em High I,II,III


Bloodsucking Freaks

Terror Firmer

Maniac Nurses

Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD

The First Turn-On

Citizen Toxie


I must admit, there is very little I like from TROMA even though I used to live down the block from them. DID like MOTHERS DAY a lot and hope Queenie makes an appearance in the REMAKE coming.


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