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So does anybody here have a favorite Troma movie. Most of them are so bad they are good sometimes.

My favorites are:

Mother's Day

Class of Nuk'em High

The Toxic Avenger

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Hey Daniel-  Alot of people liked Black Swan.  I was however really diappointed.  I LOVED THE BALLET, but i was disappointed in the story itself.  If i was you, I would wait until its on Netflix- but that is just MY OPINION. 

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It's a bellet?? Is she turning into a monstorious swan though??

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Toxie! Also Tromeo and Juliet, Surf Nazis Must Die, Redneck Zombies, and Squeeze Play (even though it's not a horror film). Still haven't seen Class of Nukem High, although I really want to.

I feel like thee great thing about Troma (aside from the fantasically horrible quality of their films) is that they're a huge encouraging force for young filmmakers. Lloyd Kaufman's new book, Sell Your Own Damn Movie, has done worlds of good for my own understanding of the filmmaking process. 

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Troma is amazing. I love Terror Firmer and The Toxic Avenger. If you like some of the more unknown titles you should check out the sale going on right now on their site.

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I don't know how many people are still following this thread, but if anyone's interested in getting Troma Comcast OnDemand, there's a "I Want My Troma" contest on their website.

...Because I live in one of the 20 states that DOES get Troma OnDemand, I can say that it's super nice to not have to pirate or otherwise hunt down copies of random Troma titles.


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Lloyd is going to a free showing of Mothers Day on June 22nd at the rerun theater in Brooklyn NY. I'll be sure to check this out!

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This Friday Lloyd's going to be at the Tromapalooza event in Long Island City. There's going to be booze, music, great food, as well as appearances by The Toxic Avenger and the always lovely Tromettes. Cover is 5 bucks, but it should be a fantastic time for all involved. Come on out if you're in the area. It's at Wunderbar on 11th street. Hope to see some of your FearNet people out there. Long Live TROMA!

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My faves are

Surf Nazis Must Die

Killer Condom

Terror Firmer

Poultrygeist, the one that came out in 2006, is hilarious, too. The documentary on there about the making of it is amazing, it's a pretty brutal illustration of Troma's guerrilla, truly independent approach to filmmaking...90% of the crew was volunteers!

As for their movies being "so bad they're good," i think it's important to examine what we deem a "good" movie. One that has big production values, looks glossy, has a formulaic and reliable story, and celebrity actors? I think we call things "good" that are familiar, and the familiarity that mainstream art has imposed on us has, for many, bred contempt. i think Llyod Kaufman recognizes this and does, despite the relentless exploitation and gore, respect his audience much more than many other self-satisfied "indie" film directors. The audience plays a role in Troma's movies, via the transparency of their gimmicks, and I think this can certainly be what makes a movie "good." Movies that entertain us are often "good," and Troma's library is filled with ones that are without fail, for one reason or another, entertaining.

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I really liked "Def by Temptation" because it broke new ground in many different ways. It's so dated now it is laughable though due in major part by Kadeem Hardison. He's not my first choice for playing that character. The other character actors are surprisingly good seeing as how Melba Moore and Samuel L. Jackson are almost the only instantly recognizable of them. The plot itself is what I liked and it could very well be a stylish remake if given a cultural upgrade. Or a pop culture reference removal? That dates a movie in a second!!

⬆ The trailer. The entire movie is available on YouTube I believe. 


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