Help with movie title plzthx

Help with movie title plzthx

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When I was a kid and in LA, you could watch ELVIRA'S show regularly on channel 13. I was too young for the stuff, a lot of it went over my head.

There was one movie with a grandfather/grandmother team who had this house with all of these female houseguests. They were slowly killing the guests. There was a key part in it where a cop pulls up to the house, and one of the scared women runs up to him and trys to tell him wtf is going on in the house. He gives her a funny look and goes in to spend time with his mother, who is the matron of the house.

I think at the end, the remaining woman flips it on the old people and serves them up. Something about heads on platters or something.

Sorry, I musta been 9 years old when I saw this. I would like to go back to it and master that fear though. That movie derailed me for a bit.


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That would be "Terror House" or "Terror at the Red Wolf Inn" I think.

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I'll check it out.

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