Motel Hell

Motel Hell

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Make sure to ck out this cult classic. Once u see it you'll never eat beef jerky the same again...

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You'll never eat jerky for sure, and every time you look at lettuce you'll see a head there

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Oh Jeez! What a hoot that movie was! I'd forgotten all about it!

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fun little movie.

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i'd like to have dinner there

good movie

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I liked was alot of fun esoically their planting methods..

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I watched this movie when I was bored one night and was blown away. The scene when Vincent comes out of the smoker with the pig head on and a roaring chainsaw in his hand...I nearly shit my pants. Then they proceeded to have a Chainsaw fight. The whole time it was happening, wild guitar solo's played in my head.

Adam G's picture wife introduced me to this movie and it's become one of my guilty pleasures. I loved it!!!!!

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Is this the one about critters in fritters?

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Is this the one about critters in fritters?

Yup. The slogan was, "It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's fritters."

This is one of those movies that's funny AND scary. People buried up to their necks as a crop, with their vocal cords cut...brrrrr. And that chainsaw scene made me jump!

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PiggLee you bring the food and I myself will

bring the drinks.

Seen it and liked it. My friend has it on DVD.

I'll have to borrow it again and watch it over

and over again.


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