Carnival of Souls

Carnival of Souls

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have seen it only once over 20 year ago

remember thinking it was different

but liking it very much

need to see it again

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i saw this when i bought a 50 classic horror movies pack of ebay. out of the whole 50 this was the only one i liked. this is an awesome black and white film and i think it should be more respected and known about.

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I have had this DVD for a few years now and this is a fantastic low budget movie that I highly recommend to anyone. The story is very well paced for its time and the suspense slowly builds until the twist at the very end. This movie has made such an impact upon the horror genre, that you will immediately recognize how it influenced other movies. Another nice thing about this movie is that it's great for someone who does not entiely like horror movies because it easily keeps you engaged without getting overly cheesy or tacky.

Anyone else seen this movie recently? Please tell us what you think.

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Never seen it,but I'm going to rent it

whenever I go back to the movie rental


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Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this film is Maurice Prather's single-camera cinematography, Prather actually climbing into bridge girders or church rafters in order to frame his shots. The climactic scene of the danse macabre is reminiscent of both Italian neo-expressionism and German expressionism of the 20's and 30's. I own this on DVD, and it's well worth a view for serious historical horror afficianados. Great flick to screen on Hallowe'en for your party.

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A side note for trivia buffs--director Herk Harvey was a veteran of industrial educational films in Lawrence, Kansas. He got together his friends and an abyssmally small budget (about 30K) to make what he thought would be a great drive-in or art-house movie. The film originally played only regionally, coming to the attention of horror fans only after late-night TV "creature features" in the early and late 60's. It gained an art-house revival in the late 80s.

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a great movie.weird organ soundtrack and black and white adds to the creepiness.if you havent seen this yet its definitly worth your time.

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I love this movie. I have it on 2 DVD's. One is a 10 horror movie set, and then I have the actual DVD. Not to long ago I started watching the newer Carnival of Souls and it was ok but the original is sooooo much better.

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A great example of early indy horror that losts it's way. Like Night Of The Living Dead it is now puplic domain, every a-hole with mass burning equipment can package it and sell it. It is cramed into a box set with dozens of other movies with 6 movies on one side of a disc. I have this movie in four sets, one double feature and a stand alone DVD. Of these six copys not a single one has been remastered our restored in any way. The only way I've ever seen it with anywork done on it was a colorized version on TNT years ago. I know there is a 2 disc Criterion version, but it's 40 and a friend of mine told me that it was still not given the attention that it should have.

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i can't say that i enjoyed it...and the remake was worse, if that is possible.


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