GingerDead Man

GingerDead Man

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has anyone else seen this? i tried to appreciate it, to enjoy it in a so-bad-it's-good way, but i just couldn't. any success?

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yes i saw it and for much the same reason ,it attacted my curiosity in the so bad it has to be good catagory,.but no,it was just plain bad,..strike that terrible !

now i hear about a gingerdeadman 2 ?,..why ? and can't any one save us from this ?,'s real horror people us losing our hard earned pay to this tripe once, let alone to a sequel, save yourself from the fate dsatinka and i shared and rent or buy something good,..or at least watchable

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Well I just thought it was plain old funny when I read the back of the box, plus you gotta love the picture on the cover so I had to watch it. It was just one of those goofy low budget horror movies. I got a kick out of it though

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I had really wanted to watch this one and I even shelled out some cash and rented it instead of buying it (in case it sucked) so after the long wait.......I fell asleep watching it.... I missed most of the movie and haven't attempted to watch it again

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