House ....any takers?

House ....any takers?

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THis was a good moivie in its day ..any comments?

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Yeah it was pretty good bck when I saw it.I had actually forgotten this one I may try to rent it and see if it is still good.

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I loved this! Norm and Cliff and a haunted house...who could ask for more?

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the house movie is another one of the movies around the time when horror meant something and made people scare of the movie and it is a true horror classic of its time

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I love it as well.

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i loved the first one with william katt,..especially the closet scene with "norm",..very funny

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I first saw it when I was 17 and could finally get into R rated movies without a problem. I thought it was pretty lame back then. I should probably cue it up for nostalgia's sake though.

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It was the BEST one...I realy did like it..

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I thought it was lame and not scary or campy.

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I thought it was lame and not scary or campy.

Quoted for truth. There were other movies coming out at that time that were genuinely scary and funny. This thing was stupid.

Furthermore, I think it was the end of the Greatest American Hero's career.

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great movie. loved the concept of the house becoming a nexuc point for converging realities. not just space but time as well. the sequel was of course a let down.


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