SleepAway Camp

SleepAway Camp

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whose seen it and what did u think about it

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just bought it on dvd. i rember watching it back when it came out. personnally i loved it. very much a product of the time but the stories not to bad and the suspense isnt too bad as well. def love the surpeise ending.

ockmick's picture seen the sleep away camp series,.i loved the surprise ending of the first it was definately innovative for it's time and still holds up for those who haven't seen it today.,..sadly the sequels could have been better but i have to confess i still enjoyed them.

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I hate to admit it but I watched it with some friends when it came out and we were getting drunk etc at the time and by 3/4's through I geussed out loud the entire ending and ruined it for myself and everyone because I was RIGHT! LOL! I prefer movies that don't have a predictable ending and if you have a logical mind and watched waaaaaaaaaaay too many horror films (college degree in psych helps as well) you tend to end up knowing what's going to happen or the twists. Edited by NorthCaliGal on 12/30/2007 at 06:29 CST

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Borderline stupid but the sequels are fun to watch.

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yeah, the ending of the first was definitl surprising....

makes me think twice about goign to camp!

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I loved it, but I fell asleep half way through to wake up to a ... umm... freaky ending XD

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I loved Sleepaway Camp! I thought it was really original. With all of the advances in special effects and CGI I know that the movie can look a little cheesy and dated, but it shocked people when it first came out.

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The finale holds a personal award as one of my favorite moments in horror history. The prosthetic face of Angela on the body double of the boy is by far one of the most real and horrific faces ever captured on film to date.

I love cheesy, low-budget 80's horror flicks and this is one of my favorites of that decade.



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I got my sleepaway camp red cross survival kit right in front of me. pretty fun movies if you like a lot of camp "pun intended ".


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