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i finally just watched this wes craven movie last night.

kinda makes u think what really happens to your soul after you die/ or your cryogenicaly frozen for 10 years then brought back to life

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not one of wes craven's better films but a very interesting concept,.sadly the film seemed to drag in parts .,.

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I have to vent. Chiller in my opinion was not a good movie. Which is sad, because Wes Craven is one of our best horror directors. Chiller was a made for TV movie. no creative control was given to Wes Craven, it was all the suits at ABC calling the shots. I have read that Mr. Craven would like to remake this movie to his liking and vision, but can't get the rights. I wish the studios would leave Wes alone and let him make the movies he wants to make. I've read rumors that the Weinstein assholes have had it out for him for years. Making him do a fluff movie Music Of The Heart, which they didn't think he could do, they were wrong. And they completely destroyed Cursed. They slowly took control away from him in the Scream franchise. Leave him alone, he is a master at what he does. He has the ability to reinvent the horror genre with each movie he makes.

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Good movie had some slow parts great concept though I rented a really messed up copy from Netflix I was upset been a while since I had seen the movie.

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Hey! I gotta agree with maynardtscuggs. If they (producers) let Wes be Wes, it could have been good. The idea gave you something to think about, but the movie itself, was blah. When I first saw the ad for 'Chiller', I thought "Cool! Wes Craven, and Michael Beck", I've been a Craven fan since 'Last House On The Left' ('72), and Beck kicked ass in 'The Warriors'! Sorry to say I was really disappointed with this movie. Whenever Wes is "rushed' on a movie, it ends up a disappointment! Look at 'The Hills Have Eyes part 2' ('84), you see what I mean? Leave Wes alone, you get a good movie. Get "Hollywood" involved, you get shit!         Later,          Kaboom

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