Most Comical Creature in a monster movie

Most Comical Creature in a monster movie

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eight legged freaks! or the blob!

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The shrews in attack of the killer shrews or the rabbits in night of the lepus. just cant imagine getting killed by a monster bunny.

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Night of the killer lepus, definitely. Big killer Bunnies, how cute. Used to play it every Easter, drove my mom crazy.

Also just adored Horny the Clown in that new movie Drive-Thru.

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The giant rats in Food Of The Gods. Not to mention the giant rooster from the same movie.

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How about that comical blobby creature in Terrorvision?

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the little midgets in phantasm put them in a ring with the ones from wizard of oz and willy wonka and u have a hell of a pay per view event

garnetdragonsue's picture

the giant tomatoes in "attack of the killer tomatoes" or baby godzilla....too funny

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definately 'eight legged-freaks'! i love that movie so much, it is one that i pop in to laugh and get into a better cannot stay grouchy watching it! the spiders make those funny noises all through the movie, it cracks me up.

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has to be the monsters from feast. nothing beats a horny monster...

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Gremlins and Critters. I like the Gremlins better though.

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