Lake placid 2 - out TOMORROW to dvd, any thoughts?

Lake placid 2 - out TOMORROW to dvd, any thoughts?

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I posted this up already, but was wondering what you guys thought of this creature movie's sequel? I know it aired once, but it's coming straight to DVD TOMORROW (

I'm probably going to rent it but i'm on the fence about buying it

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NOT the greatest but well worth the rental can tell they tried and if you appreciate the original you'll see their attempts

I'd suggest renting it first and if you appreciate it enough, find it a discounted version at in 3 months.

But I watched this when it first came out to TV with some friends, and it was hilarious!

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ive already seen it on the sci fi channel. its really dumb. it doesnt even compare to the first. HOWEVER, i know they have to tone down movies alot for the sci fi channel, so maybe the DVD will be better...

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This was the worst movie ever!!!!! Thank you.

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What a waste.The first one had a fun cast, witty dialogue and a believable hungry beastie.Not only did the sequel have NONE of those things,they also give us some of the worst cgi work I've seen lately..A cgi plane?c'mon.

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i personally woundn't but it,.it wasn't very good ,.still not everyones tastes are the same,.so if you want a copy i suggust you rent it first and if you like it,..wait a few weeks you'll find it in a used bin or bargan bin at wal-marts for 5,.why pay more ?,..

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Well I've seeen worse movies. I will buy this one some day. There were no boring parts really.

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some of the acting was lame but for the most part i liked it.. it wasnt really any worse than anything that would be on the scifi channel...

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