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I bought and finished watching Imprint from the Masters of Horror Showtime series. I was kinda surprised that it was Showtime refused to show the episode. The episode touched on several taboo subjects (like good horror should from time to time), but the violence was probably no worse than Dario's Jenifer episode. What are you thoughts on the episode? Why do you think they refused to show it?

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don't get me wrong the fetus scenes were messed up, but so was the torture scene. if that's why they banned it then they are stupid. it's an adult program on channel not easily available to little kids without parental advisory. what did they expect from a takashi miike horror film?

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ignore my last post. after i typed the first one it wouldn't show up. then after i pretty much retyped it, it came up. my bad.

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I just rented this from the v-store. I like Miike as well (Audition was fabulous), and I liked this episode. But it was like the variety pack of all the horror elements I've ever seen: spousal/familial abuse, incest and resultant offspring, child molestation by relative and holy man, the unborn-but-absorbed evil twin making the other twin do things, sex, prostitution, abortion, torture, deformity, delusion, murder, prison, sloppy slimy food eaten by inmate...I mean the only thing missing is the "kitchen sink" of horror elements - serial killer slashing horny sex-having teenagers.

I agree that the festuses pushed this over the edge and that's why it wasn't aired. Maybe if there was only 1 fetus, instead of 8 or 9, and showing each one flow down the river or fall out of the barrel with a great slop onto the rocks. But it was the torture scene that was much more horrific to me. I had a hard time watching that.

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There was a certain amount of Asian incoherence to the story... But it still managed to be a pretty good episode.

One of the 4 or so episodes I thought were really decent from the first season.

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i really like the toure scene when they jammed the nails under the girls finger nails and toe nails well they just about put nails all over her body!!!

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This is my faovrite episode and I love takeshi miike he is one of my favorite directors.The torture scene was amazing it shows that you don't need a bunch of blood and guts to make a brutal torture scene.

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I enjoyed this entire episode and thought it was by far the best one of the episodes i had seen. It was brilliant.

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I loved this episode.As too why they refused to air it.I think the answer is quite simple.How else would you drive up DVD sales.It worked pretty well judging from the amount of people I know who bought this episode.

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easily my favourite episode from the show despite the fact there is shit loads of other brilliant episodes. i think he should have fleshed it out a bit & turned it into a full feature though

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bad ass film and super fucked up. i got the masters of horror takashi miike trading card with it. BEEEAW!!



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